Facer plus questions

Does Facer Plus automatically cancel when you get facer premium?

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Facer Plus is a one off payment to cancel the Advertising for Life. Premium and Pro. You pay monthly or Yearly for Ever.

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Yep, and I’m having issues with it not showing up on my new phone’s Facer app. I’ve sent in a help request to @Facer_Official but haven’t heard back from them yet.

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I’ve had multiple charges go on for 5$ for the last few months from Little Labs. which is a company name for facer. I paid for the year subscription up front. so I should not see any charges.

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If you haven’t already done so you may want to send Facer note to ask about that. https://help.facercreator.io/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I have just heard back from Facer about my Lifetime Plus Subscription not showing up. This is what they told me to do. I did exactly like Amber said and it fixed it. I had switched email addresses between my MAG account and my personal account. Even though I purchased Plus with my MAG account, it was done under my personal account email. It’s no wonder it didn’t show up. @Facer_Official give Amber a pat on the back, I think she did a great job resolving my issue!

From Facer Support

Amber (Facer)
Your Facer purchases are associated with the Google account that is active for your installation, in Google Pay - having multiple Google accounts on the device tends to cause issues; switching between the two doesn’t help; fixing the issue might require an app re-install (this is a known Google Play problem, not related to FACER).

One way to see which Google account is currently active on your Facer install is to:
go to any paid face
tap on the orange purchase button
take note of the Google account that shows up in the Google Pay pop-up that follows

To fix this and make sure that you are using, with Facer, the Google account that you purchased the faces from, and ensure that all purchases show up under the purchases tab:

uninstall facer
go to google play
switch to the google account that you want to use
install Facer from that account

Hope this helps, let me know!


Good work Amber! Kudos!

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