Facer Premium 20 faces in watch tray

I have Facer Premium and am suppose to be able to have 20 watch faces available on my watch but it is only showing 3. Any idea how to correct this? I have a Galaxy Watch 4.

If you TAP on MY FACES you will get 3 watch faces. If you TAP on MY FAVORITES you will get many watch faces.

I was under the impression that you would have 20 recently used watch faces.

“Increased watchbox size on watch from 10 to 20”

So the watchbox is your favorites?

On the Galaxy 4 you have to tap three times to bring up the 3 faces like you have been doing. Next scroll to the right until you see the hashed circle with a plus sign in the center. Tap that and it will open a facer menu. Scroll down to Recently used and tap that. It will open up the whole watch box with all your faces up to 20.



If I live a thousand years I would never figure it. I didn’t even know that you have to tap 3 times. Crazy!
For me it’s easier to sync watchface from phone.
But it’s good to know.