Facer pricing model

I have not yet even installed Facer. I need to know if I can buy a license for the PC based PRO designer.

I will ONLY be designing my own faces or getting them from a site like FaceRepo. I do NOT need (nor want) access to a zillion faces that cost me a per month subscription.

SO, if I can pay a one time charge (even 15-25 dollars) to use the PC based PRO designer, I will become a Facer user/supporter. Otherwise I will look for an alternative product (E.G. Watchmaker).


Okay, not sure what you expect. Facerepo is not an actual content provider or producer; it merely stands as a repository for links to the actual products and producers. As far as I can ascertain, Facerepo hosts no actual content.

The Facer Creator Pro is a subscription only app.

This information may help as well.


Sorry to bring this old thread up.

I understand that Facer is a subscription-based model. What I would like to understand is, is there a region-wise pricing model?

For example, in India, the pricing is unaffordable. If the pricing of the subscription is under ₹1000 then I believe that might be the right pricing.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Whar the bloody hell with the app??? Adverts are there? And what happend with the already purchased facer plus acc-s? Somehow not working my facer plus service and got adverts when i sync my own faces…