Facer Pro 20 on watch?

I clicked recent in watchbox on my phone a while ago and it said this is only for pro or premium. I wondered what pro was because I only saw premium shoved in my face every time I opened it. Today it offered me pro when I opened it so I accepted mainly for the 20 on the watch but it’s still only showing 3. I’ve restarted both devices.

See here.

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I have Facer Plus which is just like the free version except you get the 20 faces in your watchbox and no ads in the app. (except for Facer ads) The premium gives you what the plus has and also allowed to sync watch faces that have touch control for color changes and other functions. The Pro version allows you to create watch faces with those same touch control functions. (which you can’t do with just the premium or the free version)


… yeah, I know. I’m asking for help figuring out why I only have 3 still.

Yeah , I know so many people of this “community” never answer a question.
There are many small problems with the app on both phone and watch. Have you tried deleting the app on both and re installing them both? that has fixed a few things in the last 6 months for me.

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I have not. Thank you for the idea. I’ll let you know.

Ok, I found it. You have to hold on the face, pick customize, you’ll see 1/3 2/3 3/3 then the ( + ) and settings. Pressing the plus sign will show more. I don’t know if they were there before reinstalling because I was expecting there to be 20 where it says 1/3 and didn’t look in the plus sign until just now.

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