Facer screen timeout setting

Hello everyone,

I’m just trying to figure out something here and not sure if I’m missing anything or maybe I have not yet gotten to all the features and stuff. Basically, my issue is that all of my Facer watch faces, stay “on” for only 15, probably even 10 seconds only, after which screen goes back to dark. That’s a botehr for me as a) sometimes watch face despite being very nice, requires a better look at time/complications, etc OR b) simply is so amazing you just want to stare at it for more than 10/15 seconds.

Now I know there’s a setting on a phone itself and for S22 it’s either 15, 30 or 60 seconds. If I am using any other watch face NOT from facer, that checks out and currently stays on for 30 seconds. However with any Facer watch face, I am only getting 10/15 seconds, hence my question about missing any settings or anything else that I might be missing, maybe only specific watch faces can have additional/separate setting for that? It’s just really strange that ouside of the app, it is working as intended, but any face through the app is just going back to dark way too quick…

Anyone able to share some light on this, please do. Thank you!

What Watch are you using? On my Samsung Galaxy Watch I can adjust the setting to a maximum of 1 minute in Display, Screen Timeout.

I often have the same thing happening on both my GW1 and GW4. Not every time, but enough times to be very annnnnoying (like when I’m still working on a new face), the screen times out in around 10 seconds even with the timeout set to 30 or 60 seconds.

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I don’t know about any other watches, but on Samsung watches, the screen on time only works with the top button when pushed to see the time. If you flip your wrist to see the time, the watch will only be active 5 to ten seconds at most.

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Mine times out at 15 seconds - this why i have AOD activated and the Dim watchface is the one I use all the time.
The Active watchface acts as a secondary, but interesting and rewarding face.
Sort of primary is my secondary and secondary my primary if you understand what I mean ! :crazy_face:

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Mine’s GW 5 Pro but the adjustment you mentioned seems to only be working with NON Facer branded watch faces. When I pick anything from Facer, screen time out is not 30 seconds anymore and I cannot adjust it anywhere then…

Yeah, Samsung watch here but for me, flipping the wrist still keeps the watchface lite for 30 seconds, not just with the button. Only when I pick Facer based watchface, I get 10 seconds, both with the button or flip of the wrist.

EDIT - I stand correct, seems like it is true just double checked it. So for a Facer watch faces, pressing a button makes it last those 30 seconds it seems. Anything outside of Facer stays 30 seconds even with just a flip of the wrist… huh.

I know what you mean, yeah. What’s the watchface you using again, can you link it? Thanks.

Search for BLZ and you will find all my published watchfaces - all except one or two have different active and dim faces. I have a digital watchface as the dim mode as a standard and whatever I fancy as the active mode.

It was easy on my mobile phone but not so easy on the PC so here’s a link to one of my watches to explain what i mean - it has an animated active face and my standard digital dim mode.