FACER STAFF PLZ HELP been waiting since AUG 12,2018 for Facer Response) Face Just Published is Missing From facer website but not creator?

Just made this face and published it. Made one more in a blue shade and this one shows up in the Creator and Not in the Facer App… Already had people syncing it before it disappeared after i Published the blue version. AGAIN I ask you What is the limit of faces one can publish ? Ive been asking that question for a couple months now.

Thanking you in advance,

This happens to me also.
I have NOTE 8 Oreo and watch is Gear S3
I created 3 watch faces
face 1 and 2 show on the website
face 1 and 3 show in the app
also when I hit sync on the website says device not found
it works on the app on my phone
I cannot find any info on what is needed to be able to sync from the website

most of the help and tutorials is how to make the faces and less about the options on the app and website

The face did show up on website when I first published it and got 5 syncs right away…then when I published the next one the other disappeared… I’m pretty sure support will fix it…I’m just trying to be patient waiting for a answer

I use a Galaxy S3 (classic) and all my faces apear on the site and on the app (app runs on an Moto)

If your face is removed for whatever reason it will be gone… no longer in the app or on the site…

If you have doubs about a face duplicate it and share one, then you have a backup to work with if something goes wrong…

I always duplicate before putting a face live it’s really not funny to see a afternoon work going up in smoke :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this issue a couple of months ago and they fixed it. Im sure it had to do with a limit on faces you can publish…i cannot do anything until this is fixed please

Hi @selia67,

There is no limit to the number of faces you can publish on Facer.

Regarding the faces disappearing, can you send us an email to facer-support@little-labs.com with the link to the face that shows up and the one that doesn’t? This will help us drill into this issue and help you out.

Email sent thank you…