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Desperately needs help… the site drop it back because of some Mount Blanc similarity??? Every single piece designed, created, and edited by me… why cant publish it? I cant send it to my watch (for a while) because the site didnt do that, only android apps can refresh the face… so i made a face i cant use it??? How???

solved… sry for disturbing… thnx for the quick check!!!

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That is a masterpiece mate. Very nice

Hi @safesz - we saw this issue as it was happening :slight_smile: The issue comes from the screws in the corners of your face (visible only in square mode). Because their shape is VERY similar to the Montblanc logo, they triggered our auto-alert system. We re-activated your face and are working on tweaking our copyright/trademark flagging tools to avoid these kinds of false-negatives.


Huh… thnx… But that screw just a screw… A torx screw… Anyway, thnx again … :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: