Facer Tizen 4.2.7 is now available on the Galaxy Apps store

Hi everyone!

Facer Tizen 4.2.7 is now available on the Samsung Galaxy App store. This release features a critical fix for a bug introduced Tizen 3 that has been causing crashes for many users.

For Android users: http://galxy.us/facer
For iOS users: http://galxy.us/facerios

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently running Facer Tizen 4.2.6 or lower, you will need to uninstall the previous version before downloading the 4.2.7 update. To uninstall, long press on your watch face, and tap the “-” button next to the Facer icon.

Here’s the changelog:

Critical Fixes:

  • Fixed the crash issue happening on Tizen 3 when location services are disabled

OtherI Fixes & Tweaks:

  • Improved weather data caching
  • Fixed a bug causing wakeRand() not to update when AOD is disabled
  • Fixed a bug affecting watchfaces using wakeRand() where the previous value would be displayed momentarily while coming out of dim mode
  • Fixed a formatting bug affecting the PWL (phone wifi) tag

Thanks again!

The Facer Crew

Facer is freezing after update, uninstalled and reinstalled and reinstalled, still freezing on facer default watchface. Samsung gear S2 sm-r720 using update 4.7.13

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Hi @enterprise.g22! Thanks for the report - we are looking into that right now. Will keep you posted!

Phone battery update still unreliable.

Stopped updating phone battery after a while.

Facer Companion 4.2.7
Android Facer 4.5.9_86375

Watch battery life appears to be significantly reduced after the 4.2.7 installation (Tizen on Gear S3 Frontier.
I’ve tried plain faces without API-dependent features and turned off WiFi entirely. Still seems to be an issue.
Also tried rebooting the watch without any improvement. Changed to a stock watch face and battery life was back to normal, so it may be related to the Facer 4.2.7 update.

Any thoughts?

After the last update Facer froze and does not work. My Watch is Gear S2 SM-R720 Facer Ver.

It works when the AOD mode is active. If the AOD is not active, it will freeze. I do not want to use it with Gear S2 clock AOD mode. Please, correct it.

Having the same issue with all Facer faces… after install runs maybe 4-6 seconds then freezes.Gear S2…

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Hi everyone! We’re aware of the issue (and very sorry about it!) on the Gear S2 where the watch face freezes when the screen turns on while dim mode is not enabled; we are rolling out a fix as soon as possible.

For now as a workaround, we can confirm that enabling ‘Watch Always On’ mode will fix the issue.

We will update the community as soon as the fix is available.

Thank you for your patience!

Having the same issue on my Gear Sport. Removed app from the watch and now battery is doing well. Would love to hear is facer has any ideas

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