Facer to work on Samsung Gear S3 with pair to iPhone

Dear All,
I am using Samsung Gear S3 with iPhone and I have recently installed Facer app on my Samsung Gear S3 and it give me everyday 10 free watch-face.

I want to access all the watch faces from the app how does it possible?

I have downloaded the Facer app on my iPhone but it just work with Apple watch because there is no option to pair with Samsung gear S3 watch.

Please let me know, if it require to buy subscription also i do not mind because you guys have amazing collection then watchmaker app has.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

how you install the app in your gear s3?

I have the same exact question as well. Watchmaker can already be used on iOS along with its Gear S3 companion app on the watch but not Facer. I would love to see Facer support the same. Facer collection is great.

We now support iPhone + Gear S3 connections! Check it out and let us know what you think.

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