Facer totally unreliable on Galaxy Watch (Tizen 4.0)

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I just got myself new shiny Galaxy Watch and one of the first apps was to install Facer with companion app on Note8. I have never owned any smartwatch, but I’ve heard a lot of good words about this app. Both devices are fresh after factory reset with all the updates installed and needed permissions assigned.

Unfortunately experience was a disappointment. Every watch face I tried did not display anything for Weather data or phone battery level (empty -), eventually it updated after some time. The location displayed was wrong (showed different district), when I manually entered the location, it was not refreshed on the watch face. Then on few occasions I noticed that different watch faces simply freeze - so time was not moving, nothing. Totally unreliable to have a watch without current time :wink: The whole ideas is great, but if the app does not work, well :wink:

So the question is - when can we expect proper Facer support on Galaxy Watch (Tizen 4.0) ? I hardly believe it is issue with my setup because as I said both devices are fresh after factory reset with all the updates installed and all permissions assigned. All other faces I get from Samsung app store work just fine. Any hints are appreciated,


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@Facer_Official may care to comment …

This is three separate issues:

  • Update of weather data to watch (which is a Samsung/Tizen issue, and not specific to NEW Galaxy Watch). You might check if you can any additional info. to existing (most recent) discussion: Samsung Galaxy watch - weather doesnt update Samsung need to address this, then (possibly) Facer need to address/adapt to.

  • Watch face freezing on wake-up (also Samsung/Tizen issue, not specific to NEW Galaxy). This can be resolved by covering the watch face (which turns off display), and re-awakening (wrist movement, or push button). This is an issue that appears to relate to recent ‘improvements’ to sleep (of tasks and other battery saving ‘features’ of Tizen). It has a;ready been raised on this forum. Samsung need to address this, then (possibly) Facer need to address.

  • Weather locale/district is a know issue, already raised on this forum. Samsung need to address/improve this, then Facer need to address (or adapt to) this.

I am having the same issues, paid for quite a few watch faces but not fun to have an unreliable watch face. Please let us know when this issue is resolved as covering the watch face is not a great solution. I glance at my watch for the time and it is very unreliable if the watch face has frozen.

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ya im surprised i got my samsung galaxy watch when canada release sept and i have being using facer steady since with my full latest updates and i have not had any problems like you are talking about expect when i click to install fresh watch face then i just leave it for few min and it starts up just fine and keep all up to date… so ya not sure mebe download and install face and give it few to update its info for that face… wish you good luck so many great faces

I am having similar issues with Facer watch faces freezing on my Samsung Galaxy Active (D290). Happens every couple of days, possibly within hours of charging, independent of the type of face. The app forgets the watch connection when this happens. Turning on and off does not help. Un/reinstalling does not help. Any thoughts? I really like using Facer but may have to uninstall.


Hi all,

Sorry to hear about your freeze issues on Tizen. We’ve started an official thread about the issue and will be sharing updates there moving forward. The thread also includes ways you can help us and Samsung identify the root cause. Thanks so much for your patience!

Link to the official thread: https://community.facer.io/t/known-issue-sporadic-facer-freeze-on-samsung-smartwatches