Facer unable to load watch faces to Samsung Gear S3

Running Samsung s8, gear s3 And facer.
Not used for a while but tempted by the new heart rate collection so purchased. Facer now refuses to transfer watch faces.
Upgraded to lifetime ads free etc to see if that had any effect…nothing.
Problem appears to be with watchbox but I am unable to fathom.
Followed all aspects of the “fix it” solution proposed by the programme with no effect.
Any help would be great, fingers crossed I have not just wasted my money!


Can you try switching away from Facer to another face on your watch, then back to Facer. Then try to sync a face again. Note that if the button is red, attempting to tap it 2-3 times should re-establish the connection successfully.

Have the same problem with the same setup. I have switched away and back multiple times. Also rest both watch and phone as well as uninstalled apps on both watch and phone. Was working last week but will not show anything other than the RED sync button.

Tried above suggestions but has not fixed the problem fully although occasionally I can now load up one watch face. Once this is done I then need to reboot facer to load another.
Guess this is a big improvement over last week!
What made the difference was hitting the connect button several times as suggested. Resets etc made no difference at all.
Following this, on loading Facer, faces are no longer greyed out but once a face is uploaded, trying to return to purchased list of faces causes programme to lock.
Still appears as though problem is with watchbox.
Live heartbeats etc don’t appear to work in the latest set of faces bought…can’t have everything I guess.
Cheers for help to date.

Hi all,

We are working on improvements and fixes to the Gear S2/S3/Sport connectivity issues this week and should be able to roll something out in the next few days. Thanks so much for your patience!