FACER Update on watch

What was it for please @Facer_Official.

Did it fix/ add something or both :slight_smile:
Thank you

@dave6 are you on the Google Play beta? If yes, you probably got Facer 5.1.21 beta. The changelog is:

  • Improved watch face loading on WearOS smartwatches
  • Fixed WearOS watches lagging when using complex faces
  • Fixed issue where user may not be able to get latest update of a watch face
  • Fixed issue where Featured screen may be empty
  • Misc bug fixes and optimizations
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Thanks for getting back.

This was an update on the Samsung Galaxy watch SW itself. It’s now version ios

I’m sure its fixed or added something but dont thin kin my case its the lagginess of complexx faces. Using my B-2 Spirit face as an example the radar effect is still laggy and one follower pointed that out to me too :frowning:

hey mate i must admit i found your radar to be a tiny bit laggy what code did you use to rotate it

This mate >>>

((floor(#DNOW#/125)%30)*12-(360/30 *3.65))

Was it intesional to be jumpy coz that seems to make it look laggy even tho its doing what you want i personaly would of just used ((#DWFSS#*0.15)*60)
and kept it smooth at about the same rate

no mate of course not. I used that code because it was given to me to rotate the pulley on my engine watchface. I didnt know any better. I’ll try that. :thumbsup:

yeah that would of looked cool on the pulley but for standard rotation not so much if you want the standard code for jumpy rotation thats not quite so insain as the one you have try this (+(floor(#DNOW#/125)%30)*12) basiucally the same but without the bit that shoots the rotation off in a daft direction at the end ok.

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Thats frozen buddy, i tried it with a * before 60 too same?

im gonn try it with a / after the #

Dam Stupid system should read ((#DWFSS# * 0.15) * 60) Seems to always remove bits of code

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Yeah that got it. just testing it now

Seems about the same TBH on the watch just a bit slower.

seems much smoother on my watch

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Thats good enough for me. mine still lags though but I think its the watch’s little GPU cant handle it. Its very random.

interestingly the watch itself just took an update too and it def does now seem smoother :slight_smile: