Facer Watch 4 incorrect values

I recently tried facer on my Samsung Watch 4 (WearOS 3) but the steps, heartrate, distance travelled etc. do not sync correctly with s-Health. I like the watch faces of facer and was planning on buying pro, but until this is fixed I wont.

I find it strange that they do not sync correctly, as on install facer does ask for permission to use the sensors and such.

Can someone please shine a light on why this does not sync correctly and when it will be fixed.


Unfortunately Facer does not Sync with s-Health. It gets steps and pulse from the Watch only.

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Your Heart Rate on your Facer Watch Face is not coming from Samsung Health. So it will be different from the Samsung Apps on your watch. It seems there are a few issues for GW4 it is early day for it all to be sorted. Do not lose Faith.

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