Facer watch maker - Can't save watch

it started today for me at least, i can’t save the watch i’m working on and even lost one of my watches because i didn’t notice on time

Usually takes time to sync. Make sure you have a good connection. Never hit the BACK button when publishing. Also, as you progress, make sure you are saving every few minutes so you don’t lose your work.

never pressed the back button, the error was on chrome and the design is lost forever, it was one of my older clocks too that i wanted to update to look better on gear s3, now i use edge it finish my new watchface and it works fine, so what ever it is, it has to do with chrome

Actually, you are right. I use Edge as well. Works better.

Yeah i made the same mistake.

Worked on a face for 5 hours and my explorer froze, lost all the work.
But its my own fault, I should have saved it every 30 mins.

Hey guys!

Sorry you lost some work - and we do not think it’s YOUR fault, it’s definitely ours. You shouldn’t have to worry about this when creating faces, or have to remember to save every 5 minutes. Quick questions:

  • Does this happen regularly? Was there anything out of the ordinary in your watch face design when it happened?
  • What browser and OS are you using?

We’ll try and recreate the issue and hopefully fix it. If you have a watch face design on which it happens easily/regularly, please leave it untouched and send us the link. We’ll try and identify the problem with it.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Hi, I am using edge browser on windows 10.
Just seems to start to save and never end, if you refresh you lose everything, if you leave it saving, nothing ever happens.

Also many times it will not load faces, when I click on a face to open the editor, the load doesn´t complete.
Happens to me almost every day a couple of times.
I just reload, but happens quite a lot.

Another error driving me absolutely crazy.
Sometimes the creator goes into “insert” mode (Text)
For insert mode I mean when you write text and it overwrites the text behind it
But my system is not in insert mode, I can write in any other text editor (or browser) and it is not happening to me.
The only solution I find is to completely close down my browser and load everything again.
I have this error as I write this, I can write here in the forum perfectly, but in the creator if I want to edit a formula it will overwrite what is behind, really frustrating.

Good to see you guys taking action. This doesn’t happen too often but when it does, it is awful. Because all the work is lost.

When I’m designing a watchface, I’m so indulged that it is easy to forget saving work. I’m trying my best to make it a habit to save on every pause I take.

Hi guys - Thanks for you patience, we are still looking into this. Could you add links here to examples of faces you are seeing this issue with?

The issues I described don’t seem to be related to a specific face.

I have had problems with a bunch of faces.
The ones that crash before we save them, we can’t link anyway lol.

I can try and make a small video next time an issue arises

Hi guys

Well happened to me again that the editor would not open, made a small video, not much to see, but anyway.