Facer watch on Android problem

Facer watch face problem, when viewing on a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge, facer app does not show latest version of my watch on the mobile phone, also when I send the watch face to my watch it is an old version…is there some cache that needs clearing?

Also has the problem of DST being investigated?

I have part of this problem. The app is showing an older version of the face I just published, but when sending to my watch it is the correct face. The web site listing (not creator) shows the correct face.

yes still the same for me. I cleared cache etc but it still shows old watch faces. ABout time this was fixed.

I cleared the cache on the app on my phone and it started behaving normally. Shows the current faces.

I even uninstaller FACER and did a fresh install…still shows watch faces from a year ago when you launch a watch face on the mobile app. You have to click on the watch face on the mobile…not just the picture of the watchface. On the Gear itself it works fine.