Facer watchface time zone

I live in the central time zone and I recently travelled to the Eastern time zone for a vacation. When I moved into the Eastern Time zone my watch updated the time immediately. Now I am back home and my watch is still on Eastern time. Let me be more specific: the Facer watch face is still on Eastern time. If I change the watch face to a non Facer face the time is correct. If I change the face to a different Facer face, the time is still on Eastern. My phone is of course correct. The time on the watch face in the Facer app on my phone is correct. How do I fix Facer’s time?

The app seems to be having a lot of caching issues at the moment…I’ve synced a few faces that don’t look finished or anything like the preview version. I’ve linked @Facer_Official in to see if they have any recommendations.