Facer Weather broken?

All of a sudden my watch face weather stats are stuck and not changing. The same day hi/lo and current temp have not changed at all for the lasts 3 days. They don’t match the current Accuweather forecast for my area at all now.

I also noted my PC desktop widget also quit showing the current temp and weather icon.

I’m suspecting the data supplier changed their format and data is no longer being scraped.

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Mine is still working so I don’t know if can be the data supplier…

There are a number of threads on the forum with some good suggestions for how to get the weather working again. I don’t know if any of the ideas will help but you could do a search and see.

Oh, and from memory I think there might be a very recent conversation so if you just look through the recent list you might find it there.

Interesting that your weather works. To make sure it wasn’t my face coding that was the cause, I opened up several other faces that had weather and was getting the exact same stale results on all, which would seem to point to the site. Perhaps the site is OK in general but the data feed from the weather source for my
Location is the issue.

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Did you check out the other threads? There was another one in the past few days… They may be able to help.