Facer Web & Creator 3.1.1 released!

Hi all!

We’re excited to announce that Facer Web + Creator 3.1.1 is now live! What’s new:

  • Fancy new homepage with animated watch faces at www.facer.io
  • Fixed bug where long descriptions would cover functionality in Facer Creator
  • Fixed bug where where watch dropdown was cut off
  • Added link in Publish page to criteria for watch face featuring
  • Added Fossil Q Marshal to list of supported watches
  • Fixed “Live” label not showing up properly in Facer Creator, in some instances
  • Fixed some faces not loading properly in Facer Creator
  • Made Documentation easier to find in Facer Creator
  • Added avatars in community feed summary in Facer Creator
  • Fixed bug where changing a sticker style might reset its dimensions

As usual, thanks so much for being part of the Facer community! We have another release for the Facer Creator coming very soon including the long awaited “reply to review” feature. Stay tuned!

The Facer team

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Thanks for that!

I problem I found with those descriptions:
When I click on “more” button on a face, that have another face under it - lower part of a menu that appears is behind lower face’s title - it cannot be used.

That mostly affect the “delete” function, but sometimes “duplicate” is also not available.

@Mellin can you share a screenshot?

How did you do that!?

I came back to my Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more page to take a shot and now those menus show up above the text!

I don’t know what, how and when, but thanks for that!

oh maybe the new version wasn’t fully deployed yet - it sometimes takes a little bit before everything is updated!