Facer web page and app wont load

Facer web page and app wont load today …12 26 17

I can’t open the APP the servers até down?

Are sorry my keyboard its not configurated for English

Me either…Nice time to run maintenance dipshits…the day after Christmas when everyone in wants to play with there new stuff!!!

Yep. [RESOLVED] Is Facer.io Down?

@pinkfloydfan8 The server was probably downed by demand. Happy holidays, welcome, and don’t be a jerk (please).

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good afternoon i’m seeing the same issue as well

Hi all, we are actively working on this. This is caused by a massive increase to our servers and we are adding capacity. Thanks for your patience!


I am a paying customer so i will be a jerk if i please.

what did you think was going to happen after christmas???

You do you, but they’re on it so there’s no need to be nasty. :ice_cream:

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thank you

Move along and worry about yourself.

Hi all - the root cause has been identified and we are working on a fix for this. Thanks so much for your patience.


Is there an E T for the repair completion?

All - systems are back up and looking stable. Please let us know if you’re seeing any issues on your side, and apologies for the downtime!