Facer will not sync

When attempting to sync, Facer stops at 75% and screen goes black.
Restarted phone and phone numerous times
Uninstalled and installed both Facer and Facer Companion.
Unpaired and repaired watch
Gear S2 Version
Gear Plugin
Facer Companion 5.1.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Android 8.0
Facer 5.1.3_100660-(100660)

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Seeing major issues here on my end where i can’t even sync a single thing to my Facer. Did all of the samethings that you have. My specs:

Samsung Gear Sport
Titzen 4.0 update (just updated today)
iPhone X running latest iOS 12.1.3
Connected to phone via BT, also tried Wifi Always on.

Was working yesterday, reset watch today and then upgraded to Titzen 4.0. Have not yet been able to send a Face from the Facer app on iOS or from the website.

my issues appear to have cleared up and faces are now syncing without me changing anything (same internet, location, etc)

Did you do anything different? Mine won’t work at all

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actually my issues are back again. however i believe the tizen update w/the ONEUI update is causing the issues. my gear sport only got 5 hours of life today before running out of juice; it normally can go 2.5 days on a single charge…

weird thing is that i can still install faces via the quick picks on my gear sport and facer app/face. just annoys me i can’t even sync my own faces i made to it; wish we could have it pick randomly our own faces vs random ones in the quick picks. about to sell my gear sport and sell out and get an apple watch (but again, facer doesn’t do much w/apple watch)