Facer won't show up on Moto 360 Gen 2 while running Android Wear 1.5

Hey Guys.

I just got a used Moto 360 2015 today. I am having fun trying to learn and figure it out. I installed the facer app on my samsung galaxy s7 edge. I can connect to the watch via the Android Wear app. However, Facer doesn’t show up on the watch as a face to choose. When I am in the facer app on my phone and select a new face, it can’t connect, which makes since it isn’t my watches face.
My questions is, how can I get facer as the face on my watch?
I have done the following to try to troubleshoot this:

  • Restarted the watch and phone
  • Deleted the data/cache then uninstalled the android wear app.
  • Restored the watch
  • Installing the old version of Android Wear

I have no idea why it won’t come through to the watch. Any help would be greatly appriciated.


Can you confirm Facer is installed and selected on your watch? You’ll need to long press on your watch face and scroll to select the “Facer” watch face with our big F logo in the list. Once that is set, you should be able to sync faces to your watch.

I am having the same issue with my 360 v2 on an LG g3. The facer app is not installed on the watch. I tried rebooting the phone and watch, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my phone. Android Wear version 1.5.3336103

Hi all! Can you confirm other apps install properly on your watch? is this problem limited to Facer?

I let it sit overnight and it installed to the watch by itself. I guess there was a delay for some reason.

Great! Note that sometimes app installs are delayed if there are a lot of other updates queued up between the phone and the watch. Maybe that’s what happened there.