Facer working as fastest way of discharging the battery

Sad to say, but I had do delete Facer. My first (and last?) Facer watchface led to overheating watch.
My watch: Almost brandnew Samsung Galaxy Watch
With Facer companion app (and Facer watchface) installed, the watch started getting hot and rapidly discharging the battery after about 18 hours. My first experience: installed the app and the watchface as well in the afternoon. Next day at about 12:00, the watch had shut down itself. Switching it on again showed an almost empty battery – and the Facer watchface (including the companion app) vanished.
I of course charged the battery, and reinstalled the app and my watchface. Next morning at about 10:00 I realized that the watch heated up, showing a warning that it had started a cooling procedure.
I uninstalled your watchface and the app. Since then (about a weeks time) everything is fine.
The watchface I chose was very simple: Just black background, small white indexes, moon phase, date, week’s number (as text), atmospheric pressure (as text), sunrise and sunset (as text). Nothing else.

I’ve got a galaxy watch too, and use Facer exclusively, and get 3 to 4 full days of battery consistently. I suspect that something else is going on here…

Being brand new, it is possible that the watch is 1 or 2 OS updates behind. Check for that.