FacerFit - Core

I like this FaceFit - Core design by tr0n09, especially the large digit time which is particular useful for a elderly like me.
However, a watch battery element is missing, otherwise it would be perfect.
As the Designer did not leave any email behind, can anyone help if the watch battery can be added in.
Appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

Hey @eradicator09 could you help @thamwf out with this?

I’ll take a look at the design and see if I can find a logical place to include one. The design is mainly focused on activity so I don’t want to detract from that overall theme.

I think the best fit was to add some power level indicators on the dim side. Please take a look at the design now and tell me what you think. Re-sync the face to get the update:

Its good. Thank you.
Could the ambient mode be a little brighter.