FacerWeb + Creator 3.1.2 released!

Hi all!

We’re very excited to release FacerWeb + Creator 3.1.2 today!

What’s New?

  • View and reply to reviews directly in the Facer Creator! Finally! (thanks for your patience!)
  • Review email notifications updated to have a direct link to reply
  • Users now get notified when a designer replies to a review
  • Misc. bug fixes and optimizations


Uhuuuuuuuuu…Nice :tada::tada::tada:


Great! Finally!
Thank you for that.


The last thing that is missing is seeing comment on Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more website.

We considered it but deprioritized for this release - would you want the reviews to be visible to anybody on that page, or just visible to the designer?

I think they should be visible in the same way as you see them on the mobile app - when anybody finds a watch face page he can see them.

Cool - we have a lot of work planned on the individual watch face page for this month and we’ll make sure to integrate your feedback!

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Awesome! thanks for the updates!


Can you also make sure that Enters (new lines) are visible in the descriptions of web viewed watches?