Faces disappeared after upgrade

Granted I’m new to facer, but a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded about 30 free watches using the facer app and bought a package with 10 watches in it. Now the facer app has received the latest upgrade and now all of my free watches are gone. So, I’m obviously frustrated, it took me hours to find the watch faces I wanted. I’ve searched the forums, but can’t find an answer. I’m hoping you guys can help. Here are my questions:

  1. On the facer app on my android phone, the “favorites” heart icon has only ever shown the watches I paid for, not the ones that were free. Even though they all showed up on the facer app on my watch. Is that normal? I would like to see all the faces I’ve downloaded on my facer android phone app, paid AND free. Is there a way?
  2. Now after the upgrade, none of the free watches show, its like they were all deleted. Not on the phone app (see above) and now no longer on the watch app. What’s the folder on the android phone where the watch faces are stored?
  3. I designed a watch face using the facer webpage app, got it downloaded to my phone etc. Now it is gone as well.

Any help you can give, I would greatly appreciated. I have been looking forward to my new watch, but this is taking the fun out of it.

Huawei watch.

  • Burden

Well, I think I see one key point that I missed with facer. If I put a face on my watch, it does not put it in my watch box. You have to click on the little heart icon to do that. With that knowledge, it solves #1. For #3, I was able to find the watch I designed in the facer app, just not on the facer webpage. #3 down. I’d still like to know #2. Anyone know where facer stores the watch faces on my phone?