Faces disappeared

Hi all, Several days ago my Samsung 23 phone updated. I went to change my watchface and my watchbox was empty! I had at least 75 faces saved. I searched for some of tge disappeared faces and can’t find them. Most every face thst i see is a paid face, very few free faces. I emailed support but no answer. I used to like facer but am having 2nd thoughts

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It sounds like you are a Premium user and Facer is not showing that you are after the update. You might want to sign out of Facer on the cellphone then sign in again and make sure you use the email address you purchased the Premium upgrade through.


No im not a premium user but i personally think thats why my faces are gone. Facer wants me to sign up for premium. That wouldn’t get my faces back though. I wish support eould get back to me

I know it is not a solution to your situation, but if you browse the top 100 charts, there you can switch to free faces chart and you will see the recent 100 most popular ones. Some might be to your liking.

Or try to search faces on internet browser, there you can switch from trending, which promotes premiums, to newest, which maybe are not so popular, but wast majority is free there. You can also pick genere or use keywortds…


In addition to the above suggestion by petruuccios, if you are following any of the designers who created your favorite free watch faces that might be a way to find some of the faces that you had. Be aware that free faces may have been temporary versions that premium designers possibly have deleted. The Facer Partners do that occasionally in order to rebuild the designs later with premium features.
In other words, you can keep them as long as they exist in your current Watchbox, but if you want to re-sync them at later date the version that you had may no longer exist.


I don’t think that’s the case. I always have phone updated to the newest version and didn’t have that problem, ever.
From my experience Facer is not forcing you to upgrade in any way.

I guess some temp file has been deleted in the proccess of updating.

Searching for watchfaces is much easier from the PC.


That’s for sure! I always use the PC. The only thing I use my phone for is to connect my watch. I find it very difficult to view collections etc. on the phone.

@lyndaewolfe Facer does not force people to upgrade. You just need to find the correct page to browse, but use the computer or tablet. It is a lot easier to find everything that way. In fact you may see awesome free designs that you had missed before. :star_struck: