Faces never reach the watch

New to faces installed when there was problem with ios app.

Problem is that i can find the faces on watch. I transfer the face from ios app to watch and get transfer ok on phone, but the faces newer reach the watch.
I have enable/disable bluetooth on booth devices (ticwatch pro and iphone X) removed and installed the apps on booth devices, with no luck.
When i transfer i have tried open facer app, facer faces ect on watch, no difference.

Hi @ole!

Can you confirm you saw the QR code on your watch and scanned it with your phone app?

Yes it worked after the ios Update

Nice! Can you try and put your watch on wifi and see if that helps getting the faces across?

Wifi worked if i go to connections on watch and wait for signal and back to transfer, same for every transfer.

After the new facer watch Update transfer work

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