Faces not working

Hello I have noticed recently that none of the watch faces that I have created seem to be working with the battery function for example the battery function doesn’t seem to update but yet when I go down to refresh the wash face by triple tapping on it and using the same one the battery function does update this is only happened within the last couple of weeks can anybody help

Can you provide your watch make and model. Also provide a link to the design in question. And possibly the Facer app version. This can help the support team to narrow down the potential issue.

Now I can’t get the face or after work it says it will not connect to the internet and I’m sitting right in front of my router with almost 500 megabytes of bandwidth available and it won’t connect

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I have been a faithful user for just about a year now and love the app. But, as of the most recent update I can’t send faces to my watch. I have a LG Urbane and up until yesterday I had no issues switching faces. I’ve restarted watch, app and phone several times to no avail.

Same here. I can’t send anything to my watch and the app is completely blank, says it can’t connect to the internet. This is on a Galaxy S6 and Sony Smartwatch 3.

I’m having the same problem with my Samsung S8+, Huawei 2 watch, Facer version 4.5.3_5108-(5108). No internet from within Facer including no watchfaces to chose from.

@forslund can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

I’ve done this a few times but will try again now. This time it seems to come up ok. Thanks. I don’t know why it was different this time.

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Great to hear it works now. We’re investigating an issue where the local Facer cache becomes corrupted in some instances and result in being unable to see the Facer store, or getting logged out constantly. In both cases, re-installing normally solves it, but it might re-occur until we fix the root cause.

I did see numerous login failures on Facer during this time, too. All seems ok, now but I have no idea why. thanks again.

Can’t find my smartwatch or seem to completly connect it. Is android Q18 smart watch.