Faces with customizable app launchers

Hello, folks,

Me again.

While I’ve had some success finding watch faces with an app launcher, they all seem to be hard coded to launch specific apps defined by the designers.

Does anyone know of any watch faces with customizable app shortcuts?

Many on the Playstore have that functionality, but maybe that’s a design tool issue rather than creative choice?

Can the higher end Facer creation tool allow designers to add customizable app shortcuts, or only predefined ones like I see on some faces?

Thank you.

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There are some Faces out there with customisable App Shortcuts, but it’s all a matter of searching for them sorry. I’ve seen them before, not that I was looking, but don’t remember where or who sorry.

No, that’s fine, thank you very much.

Figured I’d check to make sure that the premium Faver creation tool even COULD do this before I spent too much time looking for functionality that couldn’t exist due to tool limitations.

Now that I know they can possibly exist out there, I’ll dive in, more deeply.

Facer does not have that capability yet. We can set an area to click and then tell it which app to launch, that’s it.

Ah, ok, thank you.

So, can the designer choose whatever they want, even if the user can’t, or are these items hard coded by the tool itself?

I don’t make calls on my watch, but I do use Samsung Messages.

I like to set app shortcuts to specific items such as:

Messages, YouTube Music, Timer, Recents, Weather, (if not displayed on a watch face complication already), Calendar, (if not displayed on a watch face complication already).

That’s why I ask.

If I’m understanding you correctly, I could maybe find someone willing to do custom work, and they could set the above mentioned app shortcuts?

Yes, so we have a set list of apps we can launch, I dont have the list up, but its basics like weather, phone, alarm, reminders, health, contacts, etc.

kvansant might put one together for you, he uses shortcuts on all his faces usually, and if he has time I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping you. You’d obviously need to message each other with your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you very much, I’ll try that.

Unfortunately the designer with whom I worked on another watch face, which I absolutely love, doesn’t have access to the… what is it called? Premium Creation Tool… so he can’t do those app launchers.

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