Fade IN and OUT with Sequences / Animations

Because we can not use the Opacity Field in Sequence Layers . You can type a number there and even a very complex formula but it will be changed to Zero when you run the Sequence . Then you have to go and type 100 there . So it can be 0 or 100 but not with a formula ???

I am not a great Fan of #DWE# as a timing base but sadly it is the only one that will synchronise with Sequences . Of course the Sequence Trigger has to be On Wake .

Do not even bother trying to sync #DWFSS# and Trigger on sync .

You will see form this test that there are some glitches in Creator or the Preview Simulations but it is fine on the watch

I made this to illustrate to those who are relatively new on Facer Creator and this community . There are many who will see this as a bit crude . I hope that they might offer up MKII Formulas .

See I have included a Stand in Image that never shows on a watch as it is Impossible but will fool the Facer App Previews to show something rather than blank as they will not show the first frame of your animations at the moment .

We can always hope that Facer will fix that one day .


To quote Spock on Star Trek, “Interesting”! That is very imaginative way to do the impossible.