Fade in / Fade out in specific moment

Hi, I need help to create an object that’s fade in and out every n seconds. Its looks like a pulse, with short fade in and long fade out.

This is an example of what I am looking for:


Thanks in advance.


The following code pulses in time with the heart rate tag:



You could replace the #ZHR# tag with 60 to pulse once per second, 120 to pulse twice per second, 30 to pulse every 2 seconds, and so on …

Not exactly what you are after - the pulse is symmetrical but it might give you something to work with …



Thanks, I will try this code and see what happens.

Actually I’m using this one:

$(floor((#DsZ#-2)*0.20))==(ceil((#DsZ#-2)*0.20))?(50 * (sin(((#Dsm#-#Ds#) * 1.5 * pi)))):0$

If I modify the -2 after # DsZ # I can change the start period, but the fade in and fade out is not a pulse, both are with the same time ramp.


This is what I did until now.

Those arcs would have to make the pulse, in order one behind the other.

I’m trying to do my own version of this one:

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