Fade out battery indicator


ist there an expression to fade out the battery bar?

100 % shuld be 100Transparency
0% should be 10Transparency

i need for this one:

Try this in the transparency field:


That works, thank you!!

Can you explain how it works, so i can work with that?

BLN is the tag for battery life number (no need for percentage)

$#BLN#>2 tells it that you’ll be testing the BLN for a condition. In this case, keep checking as long as the battery is above 2(%)… after all, if it’s 0 the watch will be off, and you can’t test for it.
it that if what comes before is true then the value will be whatever follows the ? and is before the “:” So, the part “ceil(#BLN#-1)” is saying “round up to whatever the value of BLN is, then subtract 1. That way you’re dealing with whole numbers and not fractions” Also, as long as the stuff before the ? is true, keep setting the transparency value 1 less than what the battery life currently is.

The part after the “:” is what the value will be set to if it’s false. So, when the battery drops below 2%, it’ll be stuck at 2%.

Also, I don’t think you can straight up use the #BLN# tag as a result so you have to trick the system into treating it as a numerical value. In this case, it’s safe to “round” it up (even though the number is a whole number to begin with) which will result in the same number (25 rounds to 26, but it subtracts 1 making it 25)

If you can’t get a numerical value based off a tag, perform a math function on it to force it to give a numerical value back.

thank you!!!