Fading Background Images

Hey guys,
I’ve got a set of 10 images that I want to swap through with a VAR trigger. I can get it to change images easily enough, but I would really like them to fade into each other. Right now I can only get them to fade IN, but not fade out. So the result when the VAR is tapped is the screen goes black instantly, then the next image fades in. I’d like to make this smooth.

Here’s what i’m using right now: $(#VAR_1#%11)==1?(interpAccel(#DNOW#-#VAR_1_T#, 0, 1000, 3)*100):0$

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hi this is how i would do it
$(#VAR_1#%11)==1?(interpAccel(#DNOW#-#VAR_1_T#, 0, 1000, 3)* 100):$$(#VAR_1#%11)==2?(100-(interpAccel(#DNOW#-#VAR_1_T#, 0, 1000, 3)* 100)):0$

Hope this helps


I used just this formula in one of my watches but Facer team said that nested conditionals with vars doesnt work in some wear os watches. I don’t know if they fixed the issue now…

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Thank you! This works beautifully!

this is what i’m doing with it


Very nice mate

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Awesome animation!

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Wonderful! I love the birds and the colours are great!

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