Fading complications & keeping the face simple

Top fading text is what I’ve been using so far. Bottom fading text is using the “clamp” calculation method you used in your sample. Both behave exactly the same on Creator, GW1, and GW4: if there’s a flicker, both flicker together. Therefore it must not be the calculation method and is perhaps the logic of the conditionals. I’ll have to look at the logic carefully later when my weekend is over-- I find it somewhat odd to say this: now I have to go fabricate pearl necklaces and earrings to replenish my stock for my next retail event over the weekend :crazy_face:


So that Test looks fine on here. Just had a look at you code. I will have to have a look later. To me it seems very complex to do a simple job. I am on my Tablet at the moment I need to get a lok at that on my Laptop. Enjoy your jewelry making.


@kourosh & @russellcresser
I found this expression here in the community a long time ago. It fades out anything after the face becomes active. I’m not sure it will help on this issue, but it might be helpful. It fades completely out so it might require a second copy one layer below at a diminished opacity to fully achieve the effect you’re looking for.

Fade out image or text when starting active mode:
(100-(interpAccel(#DWE#,0,2,2)*100)) Place in Opacity
The 0,2,2 is speed. 0,A,B) A, is ON TIME larger number = longer b4 fade
B) is fade time larger number is LONGER fade


Nice one . Good bit of sharing . That is going in the bits box. Thanks MAG .
Keep adding those layers . I will have a play but I am sure the 100 either end can be adjusted to leave a ghost image if that is required . I do not have enough time in the day to play with all these toys . A delay before the action should be simple enough :::)))

Fade start =2 seconds fade end =4 seconds accel factor=3 ends up at 20 opacity
Change these numbers at Will



Now that’s what I call MAGic.


I’ll try to get that saved when I can thanks guys, be good to play around with :+1:


I just added that below the one I posted in my notes for “just in case” use in the future.


Thanks @russellcresser and @mrantisocialguy, you both got me digging deeper into this and trying different methods. Both the original and modified formulas flickered, it must have to do with the conditional/logic and timing I had in there. But with interpAccel there’s no need for logic, it looks like there’s no flicker and it’s a simpler formula. I’ve updated the banana face with these:

Weather patch fade-out, 2sec, 20->80% - (((interpAccel(#DWE#,2,3,1))*60)+20)
Text fade-out, 2sec, 70->20% - (((1-(interpAccel(#DWE#,2,3,1)))*50)+20)
Hands fade-in, 2sec, 30->100% - (((interpAccel(#DWE#,2,3,1))*70)+30)
Shadow fade-in, 3sec, 0->25% - ((interpAccel(#DWE#,3,4,1))*25)


Yeah @kourosh. I found your formula a bit long. I have to use the tried and tested method. KISS . Keep It Simple Stupid. Thanks again To Mr MAGic.


:hushed: I hardly even know you :rofl:


You better be careful, I think he’s taken a liking to you. :laughing::joy::rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: …and I think I’m beginning to take a liking to a partially visible dial in dim mode with fuzzy green lume… see the banana face above. :shushing_face:

What I’m taking a hating to is how undependable dim mode is. I turn on AOD, set the display timeout to 15s and wait 15 seconds, and nothing but a black screen. I try to manually force AOD by palming the display, and 1 time out of 10 I might get dim mode. I switch to an original Samsung face, and 10 times out of 10 I get AOD by palming the display. :roll_eyes: :woozy_face:

Is there a trick to making AOD work?

EDIT: Never mind, I see the “AOD freeze on Galaxy Watch 4 since February 9th 2022 firmware update” thread – but this is also happening on my GW1, not just my GW4.

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If you have a GW4 “Active” with the newest software AOD won’t work at all with Facer but does fine on Galaxy faces. (At least on mine with the latest update) But on the other hand my GW4 Classic works just fine with AOD mode and Facer faces with no issues.

I have not tested with my GW1, but Facer becomes unstable after a few hours of use on it and crashes or just makes the watch get really slow to respond. I quit using Facer on it except to test something using Tizen. Fortunately for me, I never use AOD except on my Fossil test watch. AOD is working just fine on it even with Facer and it is on version 6.0.3.


THNX guys, this is an another useful feature!


New question for those in the know: how many users are actually interested in a faces with a functioning chronograph, since those would not be free faces?

Searching for “chrono” comes up with a lot of faces with chronographs, but some (unknown) percentage are non-functional cosmetic chronos.

I have a good handful of faces where having the chrono actually makes them look nicer and more interesting. I can easily make a secondary version of each without the chrono and perhaps re-purpose one of the chrono sub-dials for a battery gauge, but obviously that takes away from the original design’s form and look. In either case, I just don’t know what the public’s demand/interest is in faces with chronos.


I have 2 Chronograph Watches, a Citizen and Sekonda, and I love the look of them, although I rarely ever use the Chronograph function :laughing:
As for having a working Chrono on a Smartwatch, well, it’s not necessary in my opinion, but the less Elements on a Face the better for me, being Time, Battery, and Date.


If the facer faces would work smooth without glitches (occasional freezing for during multiple wakeups), I would suggest the cheap #DWE# “no-stop chrono” activated always at wake.
For real chrono, I would do it in the other way around. Stopwatch is only used on occasion, while battery status is daily feature. So the design switch would activate with starting stopwatch for example or with a “button” to swich the modes independently.

You could do a pol about it on the facebook group. It would be interesting for me too.
My only digital chrono face was with 15 syncs not very popular, but its free siblings were not popular too, making together only about 70 syncs :slight_smile:


I’ve been finding that same trend with all my premium vs free versions no matter what the added functionality of the plus version is. I have not made a full on realistic chrono style watch yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get the same results.

I’m the same way, not having a real chrono watch but now having my Facer versions, I have not used that feature at all except just playing with it. It isn’t really useful to me in my lifestyle.

@kourosh The best advice I could give is to do it because you want to do it for the artistic recreation value you have with your other watch faces. But I would not count on it being in great demand by the general Facer user unless it hits just the right look that makes any watch face a runaway hit.


From what I’m sensing, it seems a functional chrono would not be popular (ie, not free!). Personally I do like the looks of chrono faces, so I’ll see how it goes: I’ll create both a functional chrono and a version with a non-functional cosmetic chrono.

Great idea, I just did it!


On the cosmetic one you could make one of the hands doing elapsed seconds since wake up. I’ve done that before on some using ((#DWE#%60)*6) and it seems to work quite well.


It’s barely been a day on the poll, but the response so far isn’t quite what I was expecting. As of right now with 45 votes:

  • 51% would be interested to buy a functional chrono
  • 40% would not be interested
  • 8% for a non-functional cosmetic chrono

So for now, I’m still thinking the same as before: create 2 versions and monitor the response.

Yea I’ve been thinking along those lines, re-purposing the sub-dials for other functions like battery gauge, step tracker, etc.