Fading one animation into another and back again

Hi, My name is Sam and I’m fairly new to Facer and would like to say how fun it is in creating these watch faces!! I was wondering if someone might have the time to help me out with a solution I’m having difficulties with. The effect I’m trying to achieve with a watch face I’m trying to put together is of an endless animation of Mickey Mouse flying a plane in the middle of the watch face (which I have accomplish) but at a certain point I would like for him to do a loop de loop and then continue on flying straight. The animation of Mickey doing a loop de loop I have set on one layer above Mickey flying straight, but then I’m looking for the Mickey flying straight animation to disappear for the duration of the loop de loop and have the loop de loop animation disappear and having the Mickey flying straight reappear and have it timed just right where you’re not able to see the one animation turn in to the other animation so making it a flawless animation. and So what I’ve got so far is both animations in place and lined up in the x,y axis.

P.s. And also the animations are of a series of png images that makes up the animation. Not sure if this is needed to know but I’m adding it in, in hopes that it helps with what animation style I’m using for my animations

And if possible having the loop de loop happen every so often like a couple of minutes or so. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

The easiest way to do a normal animation is to use the following guide

If the usual animation doesn’t suit you, you can make several that will be shown consecutively on the watch face. Write down which option is more suitable for you.

Hi Lucky! Would you know if these expressions only work with single png images spread out on each individual layers or can these work if the animation is compiled into one sequential animation on one layer for each layer of animation?

You can create a layer with an animation, it can include 25 frames. You can show this layer depending on the time, for example seconds, or from the start of the watch face load.
There can be several such layers, all limited by the total size of the watch face.
You can see examples in inspection mode by simply clicking on the small rocket to the left of the watch face, if it is there.

Here’s an example with one layer that I was able to find quickly

The thing is I know how to do that, the problem I’m having is trying to get one animation to work till one point and having it disappear and have another animation on another layer appear at the same time that other one disappears where it looks like it’s all one animation. But the thing is when I add expressions in the opacity field it goes away when I hit the play button to see if the effect works

Write exactly which formula. Or open your watch face for inspection.


I’m trying this one on the one layer


this is the watch face im working to get the effect.

Are you able to see the Mickey watch face?

I have checked this formula, it runs at least once. Go to DIM mode and go back to reset #DWE#
The object appears and almost immediately disappears.

I’m not sure what you mean really

No. The watch face is not open for inspection.
I would suggest that you change the display of the animation depending on the seconds. That is, split the animation so that it is shown from 0 to 60 seconds and is automatically looped.

If I open for inspection would that mean I have to publish it first or is there a way you’re able to inspect it without me publishing it?

Using your formula you can show an object when #DWE# is greater than 1.02 and less than or equal to 1.19

Just save the watch face, then switch on inspection mode. Then you can inspect it in view mode or from edit mode by pressing showcase

I’m sorry dude, I don’t know where that is. I thought that link I just sent you was it but apparently I don’t think it is

No, can’t go in for an inspection

I’ll try the Slack at another time, it’e 5 in the morning here and I need to get some sleep, lol. But thank you for your help, if and when I do try slack chatroom I try looking for you and hopefully I’ll be able you send you my watch face for inspection. Thank again and have a great day!