Failed to load channels!

So I just downloaded the app on my Iphone and on the main page it displays a Failed to load channels! notification.

So I figured I’d try and make an account on my phone it said Account Creation Error with a nice contact support message.

So I decided to make an account on the website and then try to log in on my phone and this resulted in a Login Error followed by Please check your internet connection and try again!

I am definitely connected to the internet so what’s going on?

I have an Apple Watch 4 with the latest software installed on both my phone(Iphone 6) and the Watch itself.


I’m having the same issue - would love a response and possible resolution!


Thanks for your reports! We’re looking into this and will keep you posted.

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I am having the same issue with my iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Sport. It won’t let me sign in through the app either and tells me that there is no internet connection when there is.


Are there any updates on this? I have purchased this app and it has given me nothing but a big ole’ headache. Hoping for resolution, as this seems like a cool app.

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Same issue here. Downloaded all and made sure versions are the latest. Still can’t login or load channels. What gives?

Hi all!

Could you try again this morning? We believe this issue is now fixed. You may need to uninstall and re-install the app on your iPhone if it doesn’t work immediately.