Fairy digital watch

Hi showing my new watch face feed back will be welcome

hope you like it, it’s pretty simple :grinning:


I think you will reach many hearts with this one, especially feminine I assume. Not my style, but don’t mind about that. You found a way to express yourself in a face and that’s important. So keep doing what you love and you find surely others who share just that. Congrats.


Yes made this one for my mom :sweat_smile: defiantly feminine thank you for the comment :smiley:

Cool, nice job. I would make a minor change keeping your vision intact- make the seconds in it’s own layer, that way the hour and minutes won’t be constantly shifting left and right as the seconds change. You can then make the second’s font smaller or position in a different area. The rest of it has a nice balance.


thank you for the reply :smiley: ill change it. it does a little thing so no problem changing it maybe ill upload and change the font ither :sweat_smile: for more unique and less generic

there’s the changes :smiley:


Well done!

a newer version is up, when she used it daily it was hard for her to read the information of the watch so made changes in font color and sizes :smiley:


I think you did very well in your design, love it.

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