Fake again suported by staff in the top 20

Just don’t tell me that on saterday staff don’t do anything

Even if users help out to atend staff to the things the bot missed staff just igore and let fakes into the top 20…



I start to understand this site support fake faces but only from a "special"group of users…

Asking nice by mail give not a single reation playing it a little more in public the same…

Just for the record, I own my own company and I pay somebody to keep my site clean… I pay for 24/7 sevice… so I know that if you want you can keep your street clean… (sorry for the expression… I’m not native English)

something smells like fish that is a little to long in the sun…

And for the record… Google just as Apple don’t agree with the fact you can aloud some copyright material… The facer app can get removed from bot Play as the Apple store… it might be smart to take care of things and stop ignoring users the premium users special will be upset if the app get pulled…

Right now, Facer is providing an platform to publish copyrighted material true Play and the Apple store… Monday is going to be intresting for some people :wink:

Maybe it just takes Facer a while to catch up, especially if they are off on weekends. Be patient.
There have been numerous discussions about copyrights.

Is this the reason why a lot of my favourite watch faces are now not accessible?
Copyright issue so been deleted.

Either the designer has deleted it himself or the design is a copyright violation. If there were brand names on your favorites, or the designs were very similar that’s a good clue.

I see others in my favourites exactly as you say of which are not deleted made unavailable ?
Wierd… a lot of my faces I use a lot. One had my name on it was sad to see that one go.