Falling Leaves face available for sync

dg27 - Falling Leaves - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer (not showing up in search but hopefully will be there at some point!)

Hi! I’m here to share my new watchface. It’s not animated but it has some fun features.

  • Every even hour (2am, 4am, etc…), a leaf falls (non-animated). By the end of the night, half the leaves have fallen. I didn’t want to go totally bare on the tree.

  • As the battery power is used, half the leaves change color (whether they have fallen or not). They start out warm and bright green to 80% battery. Then yellow-green to 60%, orange to 40%, red to 20%, and brown to a dead battery.

  • The watch face is in “day mode” from 6am until 6pm. Then is in “night mode” where it’s night behind the tree.

  • Warm but simple dim mode.

Sync me! :smile:


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Would you be willing to allow inspect mode on that? It looks soo cool

Thanks! It took me half a day so I’m trying to keep it “mine.” :smile:

Hope you sync and enjoy!