Fast rotation on wake slowing down

Hi guys,

I would like to have an image start with a fast rotation on wake and then gradually slowing down.


Initial Speed on wake (-#DWFSS#*10850)

slowing down to (-#DWFSS#*5)

Any suggestions would be most welcome

interpDecel(current, min, max, accelerationFactor)
Creates a ease-out transition with ‘current’ value
This should definitely work.

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So for my requirements, it would be


Or maybee this


I’m still getting my head round the coding conventions.

My computer isn’t powerful enough to rotate something at (-#DWFSS#*10850), although I’m really curious why you need something spinning that fast. This might get you started:

((-#DWFSS# * 100)+(interpDecel(#DWE#, 0, 2, 1)) * ((-#DWFSS#)*5))

Maybe you can play with the numbers to achieve what you’re going for. Here’s a pretty good post that explains how this works:


Here is a reference to the watch face of dear @ThaMattie , there you can see the application of the formula you need and experiment with the values you need.


@pandaKrusher this is my idea. I think the 10850rpm may be a bit too ambitious (trying to simulate an actual jet engine). The Code you provided gives the effect that I was looking to create. Many thanks Wayne (you can use the Dim Mode to reset the annimation effect)