Faster Animations and Weather

I’m working on a watch for myself and I’m looking for some help getting some of the tags correct.

This is my watchface in its current state.

Things it does:

  • The pokemon bounce as if in combat.
  • The Gengar’s HP bar is the Watch’s battery
  • Nidorino’s HP is the Phone’s battery
  • Both HP bars will turn from green to yellow to red as they decline in percentage.
  • The EXP bar (says STP) counts steps
  • When the weather says it is raining/thunderstorms it will actually look like it is raining (not animated)
    Weather says Cloudy, there are clouds in the background.

Things I am looking for help with:

  • How do I make the pokemon bounce faster? currently I could only get them to move once a second switching between the images (6 for Gengar, 7 for Nidorino)
  • What are the weather codes for all the weather conditions. I only figured out a few of them (cloudy 03, raining 10, thunderstorm 11)

@dragonsbld AWESOME watchface!

To answer your question about the faster animation, you could use the #DWFSS# or #DWFS# tag (instead of #Ds#) and you’ll have a finer grain of values since it goes from 1-360 over a minute instead of only 1-60 in a minute.

For the weather codes, here’s a list for you!

01 Clear Skies
02 Few Clouds
03 Scattered Clouds
04 Broken Clouds
09 Shower Rain
10 Rain
11 Thunder Storm
13 Snow
50 Mist

Thank you for the weather codes. I’ve already changed the weather to be closer to the list (still need to get snow and mist).

Though I’m not not getting the tags correct for speeding up the animation. do I need more then the 6 (or 7) images to get it working?

What code are you using for the animation, maybe I can help speed it up. Also nice watch face.

Thank you.
For Gengar I’m using


So far it is the only code I’ve been able to get to work without it vanishing or not moving at all.

Fascinating. It does bounce smoothly. What is the code for that?

Also the %6 never made sense to me either, but if I didn’t have it there before it didn’t work. Still doesn’t make sense.

Side note: Added Snow and Mist effects to the weather finally.

Thank you, you have been most helpful. I still need to work on getting them correct but they are at least bouncing faster. Yes I planned to share it. I know I literally made it for myself, but of course I’d let other use it if they wanted.