Favor / request needed

Hey all I have but a moderate request / favor.
I have found some images of what I think are some nice hand sets that would be nice to be able to use.
However try as I may I just cant quite seem to be able to manage getting them sepperated and made useable.
especially with the ones that are at an angle.
All my attempts resulted in them either being off center or looking as if they were crudely drawn by a blind drunk guy with a marker in his mouth having a seizure.
So should anyone of you be able and willing to sepperate the following sets and make them useable that would be beyond sweet.
Set 1-

Set 2-

Set 3-

Set 4-

Set 5-

Set 6-

Set 7-

Set 8-

Set 9-

Because why not set-

And this last group would as you kids say be frosting on the twinkie.
Because these ones appear as though they would just be super universal.

If any of these can’t be done that just sucks however if they can be done and they are then you are awesome and Me and I’m sure a few others will appreciate you.

Fish Bone Hands here Hey Look More Stuff Part II WATCH HANDS/POINTERS and alot more


Search Resources first, I’m sure I’ve seen lots of these there, and be careful about any Copyright issues if you’re grabbing images off the net.

Believe me my young friend. When comes to certain styles of hand sets I’ve searched these threads with as much enthusiasm as a gal searching her mans text messages just knowing he’s chatting up that harlot Janet.

It’s actually sad how much time I spend on searching for things like good hand sets and backgrounds and templates and stuff.
Now granted I do have a couple of your templates. But it wouldn’t hurt to have others with different cut outs or maybe more graphics and stuff.
And don’t even get me started on back grounds. It’s like for every 20 back grounds i get that looks like it would be a cool watch face, only 1 of them will be remotely useful.

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You will see that all the hands in the resources section point vertically and yours don’t - so that’s step one, open more or less any graphics program and rotate the images so they point to 12. Step 2 Facer will put the centre of the image at the centre of the face, so make the image twice as tall as the hand. Step 3 make the background of the hand image transparent. Step 4 save the image. The hand should behave as it should when imported.


Here is a quick rough and ready of the 1st hands you added.

This was done using background eraser app and AddText app on android tablet in a few minutes with some cropping.


And a hands guide template which which some nice person donated on resources.


Very cool.
So far I am using basic Paint and anytime I try to make something so far either I am unable to rotate a pic to the right angle to cut out a section of image without also taking out parts I don’t want taken out.
Or I can’t get the image clipped close enough to where it doesn’t have extra left overs in the end. It would be nice if they let you more precisely trace out the image instead of just adjusting a box around the item.
Now yours look much nicer by comparison. They don’t have that toilet paper stuck to the shoe look that mine would have.

I mess around on tablet rather than pc. For me its quicker and there are lots of free photo editing apps which do the job nicely. I mainly use 3 apps. Took a while to get good, and lots of patience!


The Add text is much more than a text editor. Its the main tool i use. I usually start on a transparent canvas 960x960 and add images, shapes or text. It supports layers so you can hide elements, lock objects etc.


I will definitely have to check those out. Thanks for sharing them.