Feature needed badly

Maybe I’m the only one, but it seems to me that being able to use folder/and or/groups would make designing mountains easier.

Let’s say you build a watch and have a little dial for the second hand. We could either link layers, or group them so they all move together when arranging things

A lot of us already asked for this feature…

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Hey guys! Thanks for the request. This is on the roadmap - hoping to share some good news in Fall :wink:

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Great to hear! I will be a good help in creating watch faces. Thanks for the information!

Excellent. thank you!

@Facer_Official Facer newbie here but I’d love to see this feature. A little surprised to see you said it was “on the roadmap” a year and a half ago! What happened?

yeah there have been a ‘couple’ falls since he posted that :slight_smile:

In defense of Facer, they have many buggy things going on in their software. They might want to refine it for it to be perfect. But I would also agree that the speed of feature roll-out is very slow in general (Why is it so slow?).