Feature Request: Customizable Watch Face Widgets

As a user of the Facer app, I would like to request a new feature that allows users to customize the widgets/complications on watch faces.

Currently, when selecting a watch face design, the widgets are fixed and cannot be modified. This greatly limits the usability and personalization for many users.

The proposed feature would give users the ability to:

Add/Remove Widgets

Users should be able to add or remove widget/complications from the watch face. For example, if a design doesn’t include a steps or heart rate widget, the user could add one.

Rearrange Widget Positions

Allow users to rearrange and reposition the widget complications on the watch face design. This would let people customize the layout to their preferences.

Change Widget Data Types

In addition to adding/removing, users should have the option to change what type of data is displayed in an existing widget slot. So a widget could be switched between displaying steps, floors climbed, battery level, etc.

This level of widget customization would make Facer watch faces much more flexible and personalized for each user’s needs.

People could TRULY make the watch face their own perfect design.

I hope the Facer team will STRONGLY consider adding this extremely useful feature.

It would be a MAJOR improvement over the current limitations. Please let me know if any other details would be helpful.

If the Maker uses the Customisable Complications they can be set on Your Watch to run any app that is installed on your Watch . Sadly what is Shown on the Watch is preformatted by Facer . I use them hidden so the tap area just runs the selected app Full on the Display .


Don’t expect too much - this is a FREE app! I for one don’t want Facer to become a completely commercial entity (that is more than it already is) Facer’s attraction is that it’s free and that is where a huge part of its userbase is.