Feature Request: Main Watch Face During Dim Mode

Can you make a setting that allows users to leave the main watch face active during the dimming feature?

Hi there,
This feature already exists - Scroll all the way to the right to get to the Facer settings on your smart watch. You have the option to click ‘classic’ or ‘dimmed’. One switches to the created dim mode, the other just fades/dims the main watch face :slight_smile:

Where? I scrolled my faces to the right. There weren’t any settings options.

Hmm should be there. Can you put up a screenshot of what you’re seeing all the way to the right? All the way to left should be daily mix and all the way to the right should be the dim settings.

I don’t know how. After I get all the way to the right, it just starts all over again.

Do you have a screenshot?

On mine, I triple tap and it brings up the 10 latest Facer designs. Then I go all the way to the right to get to the settings.