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Feature request: time/date engine (aka 'black box')

It is complicated with a load of variables.

That‘s why i only made a rotating bezel and hand depending on utc.


So, would you be in favour of a ‘black box’, embedded in Facer, that did most of this for you?

Surrrre if it’s not too much trouble. but I gotta figure this out. I’m close…

I tortured myself with the same formulae issues … before I just switch to using #DNOW#.

Once I had formulaic logic to return Year, Month, Day and Hours, Minutes from #DNOW#, it is easy to just adjust the time by +/- 1-13 hours. Then you just have to deal with Daylight/Summer Time start/end dates, etc.

My problem is that gets too complicated and has to be repeated 20-30 times in a single watchface …

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Hi Andrew, did you end up publishing your day and date solution for UTC? I can’t seem to find another person who was close.

I have made progress for UTC, and am still working on timezones (but making some progress).

Current thread: Select Timezone feature

Which showed this:


Thanks Andrew
I’ve started a thread of my own, relating to my specific goal.