Feature Suggestion: Exclusive Watch Face Partnerships with Smartwatch Companies

As a leading platform for customizable watch faces, Facer could explore the possibility of establishing Exclusive Partnerships with various smartwatch companies, such as:



Google Fitbit,


OPPO OnePlus,

and others.

These partnerships would involve creating and distributing exclusive watch face designs specifically tailored for each company’s smartwatch devices.

Benefits of Exclusive Partnerships

  1. Differentiation and Exclusivity: By securing exclusive rights to create watch faces for specific smartwatch brands, Facer can offer unique and differentiated experiences to users of those devices. This exclusivity can be a powerful selling point, attracting users who seek personalized and brand-specific watch face options.

  2. Increased User Base and Revenue: Partnering with major smartwatch companies can potentially expand Facer’s user base by tapping into the existing customer base of these brands. Additionally, exclusive partnerships may open up new revenue streams through licensing agreements or co-branded offerings.

  3. Brand Visibility and Credibility: Collaborating with renowned smartwatch manufacturers can enhance Facer’s brand visibility and credibility within the industry. These partnerships can position Facer as a trusted and authorized provider of watch faces for specific devices, further solidifying its reputation.

Implementation Considerations

  1. Licensing and Legal Agreements: Facer would need to negotiate licensing agreements with each smartwatch company, ensuring proper legal protection and adherence to brand guidelines and intellectual property rights.

  2. Platform Integration: Seamless integration with the respective smartwatch platforms would be crucial. Facer may need to work closely with the companies’ development teams to ensure compatibility, smooth installation processes, and optimal performance of the exclusive watch faces.

  3. Marketing and Promotion: Effective marketing and promotional campaigns would be necessary to raise awareness about the exclusive watch face offerings. Facer could collaborate with the smartwatch companies on co-branded marketing initiatives, leveraging their existing customer base and marketing channels.

  4. User Experience and Design: Maintaining Facer’s high standards for user experience and design would be essential. The exclusive watch faces should be visually appealing, highly customizable, and tailored to the specific brand’s aesthetic and user interface guidelines.

By pursuing exclusive partnerships with smartwatch companies, Facer can differentiate itself in the market, offer unique and compelling watch face options, and potentially expand its user base and revenue streams.

However, careful consideration should be given to legal, technical, and marketing aspects to ensure a successful implementation.

Nice idea, perhaps somebody at Facer will read this…
But in the end something like this is part of the commercial strategie of Facer.
If they want to go for exclusive partnerships is their strategie and by the way for partnerships it needs 2. Not so easy at all.

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