Feature Suggestion: Expanding Facer to Include Wallpapers for Mobile, PC, Desktop, etc

Facer has established itself as a leading platform for creating and sharing custom watch faces, offering users a wide array of designs to personalize their smartwatches.

Given the platform’s success and the creativity of its community, it seems like a natural progression to expand Facer’s offerings beyond watch faces to include wallpapers for mobile devices, PCs, desktops, etc.


Expand Facer’s Platform to Include Wallpapers:
Facer could leverage its existing infrastructure and community to introduce a new category of digital customization: wallpapers. This would allow users to create, share, and download wallpapers for their mobile devices, PCs, desktops, etc., providing a cohesive and personalized digital experience across all their devices.


  1. Enhanced User Experience:

    • Users can enjoy a unified aesthetic across their smartwatch, mobile device, computer, etc. creating a more immersive and personalized digital environment.
    • The ability to match watch faces with wallpapers can enhance the overall visual appeal and user satisfaction.
  2. Increased Engagement:

    • Introducing wallpapers can attract a broader audience, including those who may not own a smartwatch but are interested in customizing their other devices.
    • This expansion can lead to increased user engagement and retention as users spend more time on the platform exploring and creating new content.
  3. New Revenue Streams:

    • Facer can introduce premium wallpaper packs or subscription services, providing additional revenue opportunities.
    • Collaborations with artists and designers for exclusive wallpaper collections can also drive sales and attract new users.
  4. Community Growth:

    • Expanding to wallpapers can foster a larger and more diverse community of creators and users.
    • It can encourage cross-platform creativity, where designers can create cohesive themes that include both watch faces and wallpapers.


  1. Platform Integration:

    • Develop a new section within the Facer app and website dedicated to wallpapers.
    • Ensure seamless integration with existing user accounts, allowing for easy access and management of both watch faces and wallpapers.
  2. Creation Tools:

    • Provide creators with tools and templates specifically designed for wallpaper creation.
    • Offer tutorials and resources to help users get started with designing wallpapers.
  3. User Interface:

    • Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for browsing, downloading, and applying wallpapers.
    • Include features such as search filters, categories, and recommendations to enhance the user experience.
  4. Marketing and Promotion:

    • Launch a marketing campaign to promote the new wallpaper feature, highlighting the benefits of a cohesive digital aesthetic.
    • Engage with the community through contests and challenges to encourage the creation and sharing of wallpapers.


Expanding Facer to include wallpapers for mobile devices, PCs, desktops, etc. is a logical and exciting next step. It aligns with the platform’s mission of personalization and creativity, offering users a more comprehensive digital customization experience. This expansion can drive user engagement, attract new audiences, and open up new revenue opportunities, ultimately contributing to Facer’s growth and success.

I hope that you will consider this suggestion and look forward to seeing Facer continue to innovate and expand its offerings.

I’d really like to see a perspective option with text, so you could conceivably have text running along a wall for example, at an angle.

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Micha you should ask for a job @little labs :grin:

Facer should fix what is broken and implement what the community has been asking for years (curved text?) for example before branching out to things other than watch faces!


@BIELITZ: True words, in my opinion they have already a lot to do by fixing all problems

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In my experiance in 4 years Facer broke a lot of thier own stuff. The fix to that would be as simple as reversing the changes. Having said that the Workshop we are given as Free Makers is still more than most platforms offer and Easy Peasy Publication. We are all free to go and do our work on other Platforms.


Just to clarify - Facer is the best out there and I love it. My criticism was against introducing other things instead of fixing what is already broken.


Agreed . Facer can not Offer the World to Free Makers . Even if you Hard Code Faces on Android Studio or WFF there are still restrictions . Notably Memory Size . Facer don’t place a Limit on that . However you know if it is too big when you try Save it .


I’d like to see Facer install a Chat GPT, GPT4 & AI detector in this community before everybody gets involved in talking to a bot.


Now who could you mean? Damn these bots I agree with you!


:laughing: :wink: :robot: