Featured algorithm

I just understood that the featured algorithm is based on number of sync/followers cause for example the firsts 3 or 4 weeks I joined and started make watchfaces I get featured every weeks. Then last 2 weeks, after I get about 100 followers I haven’t been featured even if my skills improved.
It’s that true?

I believe the featured areas are curated, not an automated system. Not being featured is not an indication that your faces aren’t worthy of being featured but more that the competition is very stiff right now. My last premium face didn’t get featured either.

Indeed, it’s hand curated!
That said, @orz0 - I do see a face featured high up in “Natural Wonders” here:

Did you not receive an email for it?

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Oh nice to know!
It was just a thinking.
@Facer_Official yea, I just checked and I received a mail… Don’t know why I didn’t seen it before.
Anyway so happy of that, I’m proud of that particular watchface so it’s such a great pleasure to get featured. :slight_smile:
Cheers orz0

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