Featured designers in app

Does anyone know the criteria for getting into the “Featured Designers” list in the browse section of the app? I was hoping to make it on there soon but not sure how. I thought maybe based on followers but when looking through them there are a few designers on there that don’t even have any published faces at all and I have more followers. So that must not be it. Anyone know?

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I believe it is 3000 syncs on 3 different faces you create in a month.

That is to make it to premium designer, I’m just talking about getting listed as featured. You don’t have to be premium for that. Thank you though.

I don´t think there are sync-criterias to get a watch face featured. The facer editorial staff maybe search weekly all new entries and when they find an interesting face that deserves to be featured they just do it.

But this are only my two cents.

I wasn’t talking about faces though, I was talking about “Featured Designers”
Here’s a screen shot of what I’m talking about.


This section is independent from our selection of premium designers and we don’t update it as frequently as we should :wink: Message received though, we’ll run an update this week.



Where/How can i find these entries?


Start up the app.

On the bottom row, select the 2nd icon (magnifying glass) aka “Explore”

At the top the menu bar description will change to Explore and look like the above screenshot.

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Ah, now i know why i can‘t see.

I have the IPhone-Facer-App and this is totally different.

I was wondering about this too! Would love to be Featured - The same people have been on my front page since I first got Facer! :smiley: